Thursday, July 20, 2006


(I thought I would take my shot at repackaging and reselling under a different name someone elses ideas)


This new product will shape, tone and sculpt you lower body into long lean muscle far beyond any other product or workout program available. It is simple to use, it only takes 4 minutes per day! You may do this watching television in the comfort of your own home or in the back yard or the bathroom of a resturant on your first date. Then people see you they will not believe the results you got in just 4 minutes per day. People will like you and want to talk to you. You will be the center of your social circle. You will be popular!

For 19.99 you will get the secret to max-tone-butt-shape-leg sculpter-J Lo-Booty Creator. If you order now, it will come with your very own CD with 18 -4 minute songs you can rock out to as you sculpt away your body fat, shape and tone your legs and fill your cell phone with new numbers.

Supplies are limited so order now and get your max-tone-butt-shape-leg sculpter-J Lo-Booty Creator and get your free CD.

(Formerly know as Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squats)

Okay, every now and then I get to vent. It is my blog.


Blair Sutton said...

The max-tone-butt-shape-leg sculpter-J-Lo booty creator has changed my life. Not only have I lost inches around my thighs and waist, but I have filled my phone with numbers of hot, rich single men. Also, the MTBSLS J-Lo Booty creator has increased the amount of at work ass grabbing by my female colleagues over 500%!!! Thanks MTBSLS J-Lo booty creator for changing my life!

Nice Doug, but you needed a good over the top testimonial to complete the package.

Doug Chapman said...

Thanks Blair. At least someone gets my sense of humor.