Friday, March 17, 2006

BOOT CAMP 0930 3-17-06

Participants: 20

Al: MUCH improved. Great job.

Aunt Kristy

WOD: Murphy


The new shirts are here.

We need to know how many of the cute chick shirts people would like.

Email me to get an idication of the shirts you would like. Everyone who signed up for unlimited Boot Camp gets a free shirt. Pick yours up after the next class.

BOOT CAMP 0600 3-17-06



CROSSFIT 1700 3-16-06

BOOT CAMP 3-16-06

Joe managed to go from medical school at Michigan to his residency at Havard, the Michigan of the East. :)

Way to go!

Participants: 44

Thursday, March 16, 2006

CROSSFIT 0930 3-16-06

CROSSFIT 0600 3-16-06

Participants: 5
Tom: Your weight is on the inside of your feet. Push on the outside of you knees.

Blair: Strong form for a dead lift.

Drilling stations prior to the WOD.

Dusti: Elbows a little higher.

Warm Up:
Roll Out
Snatch Balance
Heaving Snatch Balance


Dead Lift
Front Squat
Overhead Squat


Front Squat
Wall Ball

30, 20, 10

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

BOOT CAMP 0930 3-15-06

Rasheena with child - It is really hard for people to accept that our class is scaleable enough to accomodate everyone from a pregnant women to a nine year old to a 50 something year old arthritic mother.

Boot Camp trains bodies and builds friendships.

Participants: 20

BOOT CAMP 0600 3-15-06

Particiapnts: 31

It was good have a large and motivated class at 0600. I am really pleased with the quality of the people and their output level.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

BOOT CAMP 3-14-06

Participants: 38

CROSSFIT 1700 3-14-06

Participants: 8

Ball Slam
Pull Up

21, 15, 9

CROSSFIT 0930 3-14-06


I thought this was funny.


Proof that Jenn can get out of bed to come to a class.

Participants: 4

We started our first 0600 CrossFit class this morning. It is going to be a great developmental class. We are going to be focused teaching movement patterns that will apply to later workouts as well as functional daily movements, then we will have a short, intense workout.

Skill: Deadlift - Functionality: Picking up anything heavy without injuring yourself.

Importance of the warm up: We constantly reinforce correct squat form during our warm up. Over time, people sometimes find this a little tedious. I cannot tell you how important the warm up is. We perfect our movement by doing it again and again.