Friday, March 10, 2006

CROSSFIT 1700 3-10-06

The weather FINALLY broke enough to run outside.


Ball Slam

21, 15, 9
600, 400, 200 Meters

CROSSFIT 1200 3-10-06

BOOT CAMP 0930 3-10-06

Participants: 10

BOOT CAMP 0600 3-10-06

Participants: 19


Suicides: 10x

Evil Cindy:

Pull Ups: 10
Push Ups: 20
Squats: 30
Suicide: 1

As many rounds as possible in 25 minutes.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Enrollment for the evening (6:30 PM class) is closing enrollment as of Saturday March 11, 2006. We had 51 people in class tonight with several regular people missing. It is going to be too cumbersome until the weather breaks and we can workout outside.

We can handle 50 people in the evening class at a time. If you have not signed up on line, click on this link or bring a check to class. If you are planning on bringing a check to class, email me and let me know.

The 0600 and 0930 classes still have room available.

Next week we are adding 0600 CrossFit classes to our regular schedule on Tuesday and Thursdays. We will also have CrossFit @ 1000 on Saturdays. We may need to split the class to accommodate demand. The learning curve is significant and the class length will be as long as it takes. J Some of the workouts can be very short. We will be teaching some significant technique in class so show up on time and be ready to go. If you have any questions, please email me.

Please be aware that if you are a non-member of One on One Athletic Club, it does not allow you access to the equipment of the club before or after class. I have not received documentation or proof from the club but would like to help them by reminding you. You may use the common areas, locker room and general areas. If you are caught using the equipment, they have the right to charge you the daily drop in rate or make you leave the club.

Be sure you sign in at the front desk when you come to class. They will be verifying your attendance against a class roster I provide weekly as part of our agreement.

I was very pleased with the focus and dedication people showed in class tonight despite “adjustments on the fly.” When I modify the class mid stream, it is to insure quality and safety in the class.

BOOT CAMP 1830 3-9-06

Participants: 51

CROSSFIT 1700 3-9-06

CROSSFIT 1200 3-9-06

CROSSFIT 0930 3-9-06


Here is our latest video. You will note some of our people having marginal form. I left the clips in there to make you aware of what you look like through my eyes. I know you feel you are in good form, but please listen to me when I tell you: Head up, back straight, heals down, move core to extemity, abs tight, knee over foot, and all the other things you think sound like: waaa, waaa waaa waaa waaa.

At the beginning of every class we drill and re drill, squat and overhead squat form. It is of paramount importance you MASTER these movements. All high intentisty training has its root in these movements.

Note: there are a couple of clips from a workout in Santa Cruz at the latest seminar. It shows where you are going in your training.

See you in class.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


We just got a new piece of equipment for the private studio. A glute-ham developer. It is a prime piece of equipment for any gym. It is one of the best underutilized pieces available. This one us made by Yukon and was really reasonably priced.

CROSSFIT 1200 3-8-06

KD Dead Lift
KB Swings
Ball Slams

21, 15, 9 for time.

BOOT CAMP 0600 & 0930 3-8-06

The 0600 class.
D'Ann does the Boot Camp version of step aerobics.

The winners.

The 0930 class.

Participants: 25 (0600) 23 (0930)

BOOT CAMP 1830 3-7-06

Participants: 40