Saturday, December 10, 2005

Class Update

Housekeeping Stuff:

Make up classes: There are a lot of people who missed classes on Friday due to the weather and the closure of the day care. We are giving you the option of making up the classes you missed. You may attend another section of Boot Camp or come to a convenient CrossFit class.

New T-Shirts: The new Boot Camp t-shirts are here. If you would like to purchase t-shirts, send me an email with your size and the name you would like on the back. (Last name, nick name etc.)

Class Cancellation: The 0600 class on December 26 is cancelled. One on One Athletic club will be closed at that time. You may make up the class in another Boot Camp or CrossFit class.

New CrossFit Class: There have been some requests to add a CrossFit class at 0600 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We will explore it after the first of the year if people express interest. Please let me know.

Survey: There is some conjecture as to why people take Boot Camp/CrossFit Classes. So please let us why you are in this strength and conditioning program vs. the regular mainstream class offerings. If you suggestions how to improve our offering, please email me or post on the web log

Thanks being a part of the program.

Friday, December 09, 2005

CrossFit 1700 12-9-05

Yong carrying SOD (Spawn of Doug)
Mazzy entertains.
A lot of people think what we do is too hard. For them it's true. They shouldn't blame themselves. They should blame their parents, they gave them weak genes. I hope they don't pass them on.

Lauren and Mazzy: Lauren passing on good genes. :)

Participants: 8

Same as 1200.

CrossFit Kids 1600 12-9-05

Participants: 2

Ball Slam
Suicides 7, 4, 2

21, 15, 9 for time.

Three rounds for time.

CrossFit 1200 12-9-05

Patty and group.
Tom doing his thruster.

Particpants: 8


Suicides 7, 4, 2
Ball Slams
Pull Ups

21, 15, 9

Three rounds for time.

Boot Camp 12-9-05 0930

Participants: 5

Turn out was really poor due to the snow day closing in the club's day care. The advantage is that the smaller group got a chance to sample a CrossFit workout.

One thing that is very different about Boot Camp/CrossFit is that all efforts are timed or scored. It encourages people to go harder and focus on the work out rather than watching the clock and wondering when the hour is over. In our model, you beat the clock, the clock does not beat you.

WOD: Same as 0600.

Lea keeps score and knows EXACTLY how her work out was.


Boot Camp 12-9-05 0600

Twelve souls braved our first winter storm and made it to class.

Tom working thrusters while Carla and Jeff ball slam.

Jim finishing the evolution with pull ups.

Blair: Heals down at the bottom of the ball slam.

Stretching at the end of class.

George ask a question the other day: Should a guy my age be getting this strong? (40 something) The answer is YES, YES, YES. The difference in training an Olympian and a grandparent is a question of scale, NOT content. The human body need to be able to move. Avoid any machine that requires you to sit down to complete and your body will take care of the rest.

Participants: 12

What is the difference between Boot Camp and other classes? At 0600 in the aftermath of a snow storm, we have people who are dedicated enough to come to class. So, we gave them a bonus: We did a CrossFit work out. We had small enough class to have equipment for everyone.


Suicides 7, 4, 2
Ball Slams
Pull Ups

21, 15, 9

Three rounds for time.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Boot Camp 12-8-05 1830

Oh my! You guys are getting a little too close!

Lisa, our new Boot Camp model, wears the new shirt.

Work it...

Show me some feeling!

Participants: 33


Refresher on boot camp basic tech. Speed is important but PERFECT execution is really what is important.

CrossFit Kids 1600 12-8-05

CrossFit Kids

Skills: Muscle Ups Rings/Bars

Ball Slams
Ring Push Ups
Plyo Hops

15, 10, 5

Three rounds for time.

Our Position on Personal Training

How Hyperfit USA does personal training:

Training is a SUPPLEMENT to our classes. Personal training fills the schedule gaps for people who need to develop the skills necessary to operate in our classes and need schedule help. Training develops the movement patterns and motor skills to easily execute our classes.

Hyperfit USA's goal is to provide the most affordable highest quality training available anywhere. We slackline, BOSU and teach movements that will help people do the classes we offer. If someone is able to be in a class they should be if for no other reason, cost.

Lauren is polishing her pull up form in a personal training session.

Kathy is holding a dumb bell overhead while she lunges to increase here sense of balance.

The training we do reinforces and polishes the performance of our people. Our people usually do personal training once per week and classes 3-4 times per week. It allows the our clients to make their dollar go A LOT farther.

Caveat: Some people need the one on one skill development and are not ready for classes. That is okay too. Those people's goal should be to graduate to the classes some time in the future. There are some people who do only want the one on one attention: That is okay too. It is the premium of the service offered.

Some food for thought.

CrossFit 1200 12-7-05

Doug and Shereef - Elevated Push Ups and Wall Ball

Sheriff Deputy Ring Dips
Plyo hops and more wall ball.

Participants: 2

Elevated Push Ups
Plyo Hops
Wall Ball #20 D-Ball
Overhead D-ball toss - 300 ft.

30, 20, 10

Three Rounds for time.

Instructor Jenn Cornell - Job Jenn! It was hard and good.

CrossFit 0930 12-8-05

Participants: 1 Broken Person

Pull Ups
Ab Mat
Push Up

21, 15, 9

Three rounds for time.


At last, the new Hyperfit USA Boot Camp T-Shirts are finished.

New Logo

Front - Logo

Back - Your Name

I know everyone wants one that says Kozian but it is impractile.

Cost per shirt: $18 - Checks payable to Hyperfit USA, LLC

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Personal Training

CrossFit 1700 12-7-05

WOD: Same as 1200

CrossFit 1200 12-7-05

Jenn gets paid back for yesterday.

Shereef Pulls Up
Mom and Jenn Clean and Press

Participants: 4


Clean and Press
Plyo (20" Box)
Ball Slam
Pull Up

21, 15, 9

Three rounds for time.

Boot Camp 12-7-05 0930

Group squat therapy.

Mike and Patty do negative dips.
Mike, Melissa, Mary and Madison. (This was random, weird)
Group less Melissa.

Participants: 16

WOD: Same as 0600 Class

Boot Camp 12-7-05 0600

PLEASE NOTE: Take a close look at the photos, you will see all ages and fitness levels. Our program is scaleable based on a person's fitness level.

Participants: 18

In Memory of Pearl Harbor...Lest we forget.



Divided into groups of 3.

Six stations:

1. Sprint/Lunge Suicides: 3
2. Ball Squats: 30
3. Plyo (20" Box)
4. Ab Mat: 20
5. Pull Up: 20
6. Negative Dips (4 count neg)

Staggered start.

4 Rounds for time.