Friday, January 13, 2006

CROSSFIT 1-13-06 1700

Same as 1200

CROSSFIT KIDS 1-13-06 1600

WOD: Same as 1200

CROSSFIT 1200 1-13-06


D-Ball Plyos
KB Swing
Ring Push Ups

Three rounds for time: 21, 15, 9

Boot Camp 1-13-06 0930

WOD: Same as 0600

Boot Camp 1-13-06 0600

Participants: 25


OHS: 100
Mountain Climbers: 50
Push Ups: 50
Ring Row: 10

Two rounds for time.

Skills: Learn Overhead Squats with PVC pipe.

Boot Camp 1-12-06 1830

Participants: 37

WOD: Gauntlet

CROSSFIT 1-12-06 1700


Row: 500 Meters
Thruster: 50
KB Swing: 50
Wall Ball: 25
Ring Push Ups: 25

For time

Thursday, January 12, 2006

CROSSFIT 0930 1-12-06

Josh feet elevated push ups.

High pull and kb swing.

Swing and clean.


DB Cleans
Sumo KB High Pull
KB Swing
Feet Elevated Push Up

10 reps of each exercise

Five rounds for time.


Personal training is a specialty item that perfects form.

CrossFit 1200 1-12-06


Weighted Burpees
Ball Slams
D-Ball Crunches

Three rounds for time. 21, 15, 9

CROSSFIT 1-11-06 1700

D-Ball Slam pop onto the box. Cruel and effective.

Dan, praying to the god the d-ball. The non-bouncing medicine ball is one of the most effective and versitile pieces of equipment we have. We have 8 more of various weights and sizes to add to our collection soon. Thanks Dennis!

WOD and times.

Don, another new person coming to CrossFit. The interesting thing is that we are not advertising at all. Everyone who comes to our classes come from word of mouth.

WOD: Same as 1200

CROSSFIT KIDS 1600 1-11-06

Ball Slam/Run Combos

CROSSFIT 1200 1-11-06


Pull Ups
Ball Slam Plyo Combo
KB Swing
Wall Ball

Three rounds for time. 21, 15, 9

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Boot Camp 1-11-06 0930

WOD: Same as 0600

Participants: 18

Boot Camp 1-11-06 0600

WOD: Cindy with a twist.

Participants: 26

Suicides 15 (To stagger participants) Time begins with when first person completes suicides.

Pull Ups: 5
Push Ups: 10
Squats: 15

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.