Saturday, December 24, 2005


The recent New York Time article about CrossFit really pointed out the general misunderstanding of what CrossFit is and is not. People often try label things that are different or that are not understood. It is how wars begin and atrocities against mankind are conceived.

The main difference between CrossFit and all other models is that CrossFit exists in the either world of the Internet. CrossFit is a community of people who are truly devoted to their craft: Fitness. CrossFit is an open source model of fitness. We post what we do in public, on the internet for the world to see. I challenge you to find another place that shares what it does so openly.

The main driving force is the CrossFit discussion board.

On the board, you may find general topics about fitness, nutrition, exercise and many other topics. If you go to the site with a question about CrossFit or anything related to fitness. You will find well thought out, highly educated responses to posted questions.

Friday, December 23, 2005

CrossFit 1700 12-23-05

WOD: Murph

CrossFit Kids 1600 12-23-05

Fun Stuff

Boot Camp 12-23-05 0930

Jeff and Sandy.

Participants: 22

WOD: Murph

Boot Camp 12-23-05 0600

Participants: 18


1 Mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Boot Camp 12-22-05 1830

Participants: 21

Hammer class.

Every now and then we need to re-examine why you come to Boot Camp class. We offer strength and conditioning classes. That means that our training will make you stronger and better conditioned. IF YOU TRY YOUR BEST!

Inside everyone, there is a kernel of excellence that needs to be nurtured, trained and encouraged to grow. We offer fertile ground where you can plant your seed of fitness excellence and your hard work and motivation are the water and sunlight that will make it grow. Lack of water and sunlight stunt growth of plants and they bear little fruit.

Showing motivation: Motivation is not showing up and going through the motions. It is giving everything you have. It is running from station to station, eager to face the evolution. It is finishing the evolution with the hard driven desire to complete and surpass what is set before you. It is going until your muscles fail, not until they hurt. Motivation is the gut check when things get tough.

We expect commitment from our people: Commitment to challenge yourself to the best of your ability. Commitment to aggressively attack the evolution that stands before you. Commitment to face your fears and challenge the "I can't" voices and put them in their place. If you have what it takes, come back. If not...

We want people who want to be here.

CrossFit 1700 12-22-05

Knees need to rotate out, push on the outside of your feet.

A little coaching goes a long way. We try and succeed at teaching good squat form.

Torso up just a little.

WOD: Same as 1200

Great job!

CrossFit 1200 12-22-05


Rope Jump 100

Weighted Step Up
Clean and Press
D-Ball Front Squat
D-Ball Slam
Pull Up

Three rounds: 21, 15, 9


Click on the link to read the story.


CrossFit 0930 12-22-05

Kids do Fran too!


FRAN - Why are the workouts names after girls - Actually they are named after hurricanes. If you try one you will understand.

Pull Ups

Three rounds for time: 21, 15, 9

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

CrossFit 1700 12-21-05

Elana D-Ball Toss

Blair getting ready for her weighted burpee suicide

This happens no where else: Parents and kids working together through the workout. Most places kids are treated as a nuisance. We think of children as our greatest asset. We scale the workout so that the workout can be done and both can get what they need. Take a look at the 0930 Boot Camp today. Kristy and Dawn brought their sons class and they were able to share some quality time doing something healthy. (Second time)

Al and Al are doing weighted burpee together.

The Als do plyos while Blair and Dusti complete D-Ball thrusters.

WOD: Same as 1200

CrossFit Kids 1600 12-21-05

WOD: Scaled down adult work out.

CrossFit 1200 12-21-05

DJ: You should be working rather than being tired. Laziness a choice.


Weighted Burpee Suicide (20)
D-Ball Chair Toss
D-Ball Thruster
Plyo (20")
Feet Elevated Push Up

Three rounds - 21, 15, 9

Boot Camp 12-21-05 0930

Participants: 22 + Spartacus

Reindeer Games

And Four Days of Christmas