Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year from Hyperfit USA!

Happy New Year from Hyperfit USA!

We had some significant milestones and experienced significant growth in 2005. We had more classes and more people than ever before. We added a mid-morning section in August and a full menu of CrossFit classes in October. We will continue to expand and provide more service options in 2006.

Class statistics:

Class Stats for 2005 2004 2005
Number of Classes 130 343 163%
Average Class Size 19.12 19.62
Average Number of Participants 62 115 84%
Total Workouts 2298 6574 186%

Boot Camp stats for the month of December:
  • We held 35 Boot Camp classes giving 713 total workouts. Our second largest class.
  • We had a record of 175 total unique participants with 48 people trying the class for the first time.
  • December was a remarkable month given the holidays, final exams and weather.

CrossFit class stats for the month of December:

  • We held 68 classes giving 236 CrossFit workouts.
  • We had 80 total unique participants with 50 people trying CrossFit for the first time.
  • We may be adding more sections to accommodate demand.
    We will be adding more equipment in 2006 to allow for larger and more diverse classes. The plan is to double the equipment we have now and add some other key pieces.

    New Stuff

    On-line registration: We began on-line registration and the classes are filling up fast. We will be limiting enrollment in January. Don’t wait to sign up. To sign up click here: We will be adding more videos and exercise technique clips as time goes on. We will keep you posted.

    New Video: We have the new Hyperfit USA Boot Camp/CrossFit video on the web site. Click on the link to see it:

    Don’t forget to check the Blog for pictures and updated class information.

    Other stuff: Please sign in at the front desk when you come into the club.

    Here’s to wishing you a healthy and Happy New Year.

    See you in class soon. Don’t lose your spot!

Friday, December 30, 2005

CrossFit 1700 12-30-05

WOD: Same as 1200

CrossFit Kids 1600 12-30-05

Kids WOD: 50% of Adults

CrossFit 1200 12-30-05


Row: 500 meters
Plyos: 50
Thrusters: 50
Ball Slams: 50
Pull Ups: 50

Boot Camp 12-30-05 0930

WOD: Same as 0600

Participants: 18

Boot Camp 12-30-05 0600


Gauntlet: MK III

Participants: 14


This was passed along by one of my clients.

Hey Doug,
I thought I'd pass this story onto you. This happened this week while I was working out at my hometown gym. I was there with my sister so I had to kill about 45 min. and decided to do Murph. Afterwards I was catching my breath at the main counter and the manager decided to ask me a few questions.

Gym Guy: So, I thought you were in good shape? It looks like you're about to pass out.
me: Yeah, that's because I know how to push myself.
G: I was wondering what you were doing. You did a ton of pull ups. Haven't you ever heard of sets?
me: Sure, but I was doing something different today.
G: Do you typically train like this?
M: It varies.
G: So what were you doing today?
M: (I explain Murph)
G: Are you insane? You could hurt yourself?
M: I don't think so.
G: So where'd you come up with the brilliant idea for this?
M:, I work out with the only cross fit affiliate in Michigan.
G: I've heard of crossfit. Kind of a renegade group of sorts. The workouts aren't really conventional.
M: Neither are the results.
G: So are you going to be working out here all week?
M: I was planning on it.
G: Well I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't tie up equipment training. You were using the gravitron for a while today. I think you also scared a few of the clients.
M: Sorry, but that's kind of how the workouts go.
G: Well, maybe you should just do some cardio until you get back to Ann Arbor. Our facilities may not be able to handle what you want to do.

The manager went on to explain to me how I might risk injury if I continued to train like this and suggested that I learn a good weight training program geared specifically for women from him. I politely declined, but it just goes to show how hard it can be to transfer a crossfit workout into a conventional gym. I tried another workout the next day, but found that they didn't have some of the equipment I needed or that it was spread out over the entire gym. I would have been better off in my garage with a few pieces of equipment and a little less judgment.
Just thought you'd find this interesting.

He was probably wearing a company polo shirt and will sell you suppliments or something from the juice bar.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Boot Camp 12-29-05 1830

Gauntlet II: Trail and error process for a new format. Good job all.

Participants: 22

CrossFit 1700 12-29-05

WOD: Same as 1200

CrossFit Kids 1600 12-29-05

To Anonymous

Someone posted this comment:

noticed the "Rhabdo" cartoon earlier. Im a nurse and have treated people with rhabdomyolysis on dialysis for weeks due to these muscle waste prodcts clogging the kidneys. this is a very real and life/ quality of life threatening illness and should be thought of that way instead of a sign of a really good workout.

Let me make things crystal clear. We DO NOT make light of rhabdomyolysis. In fact, the creation of Uncle Rhabdo clown is to help people be aware of the serious implications of strenuous exercise. In fact, we (Hyperfit USA and CrossFit) are very concerned about it. In fact, is was a subject of conversation between Greg Glassman and I and the interaction of various drugs and how they contribute to rhabdo.

Rhabo is NOT a sign of a good workout. It is a sign of serveral things going very wrong. That being said. Thank you for your comments. At least someone reads what I put on this blog. We revel in the free exchange of opinions and ideas. We WANT input and criticism. We publish what we do openly and in public.

However, next time you make a comment please do not post anonymously. It is bad form and harms the openness of this forum.


Here a link to some interesting research.

CrossFit 1200 12-29-05


Pull Ups
Sumo High Pulls
KB Swing
D-Ball Toss
D-Ball Slam

Weighted Burpee Suicide (5 Burpees per line)

Three rounds: 21, 15, 9

CrossFit 0930 12-29-05

WOD: Fran

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

CrossFit 1700 12-28-05

Okay, this one was too hard. Still full benefit.

CrossFit Kids 1600 12-28-05

Kids trained hard today. Good Job.

CrossFit 1200 12-28-05

Greg, your squat is greatly improved.

Harlyn, welcome aboard.

Father and sons. Everyone can do CrossFit.


Suicides 5x
Front Squats: 50
Thrusters: 20
Burpees: 20
Ball Slams: 20
Pull Ups: 20

Three rounds for time.