Tuesday, February 21, 2006

BOOT CAMP 1830 2-21-06

Every now and then, we need to fire up a workout that makes people remember why they take the class and why you pay to come to it.

People pay more than a regular gym membership to take our class. The person who takes the class once per week pays about the same as a membership. Think about it, 4 hours per month vs a whole month of being able to go to the gym. Why?

The simple difference is results. When you even ATTEMPT a work out like this, your self esteem and confidence goes up. Knowing, not thinking, you are strong and tough and getting in the best shape of your life. You can face the hardships and difficulties life throws at you. No question. Bring it. It is a pleasure to lead the people in my classes. The effort, sprit and dedication is unmatched.

I am deeply honored to have classes full of such inspirational people. Hyperfit USA offers strength and conditioning training. NOT classes. I would bet that if you look at the pre-season training for most sports, it resembles what we do. The training drives the class. The music does not drive the class. The trendy new fangled thing is not it. The personality of the instructor is certainly not it. It is the workout.

It is simple: Results.

The challenge goes out again: If you can find us fitter people, show us, we will train like them. Until then, you can train with us.

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