Thursday, February 23, 2006

CROSSFIT 1200 & 1700 2-23-06

Here are the results. The second group had tighter times since the athletes did not have to use the device. This was pretty unscientific, but showed that it warrants further testing.

Testing AVACORE Device.

Mark from Avacore brought some cooling units to class to test there effectivness on performance. The group at 1200 used the product. The 1700 group did not.

I am not an expert in physiology, so don't ask me how it works. So, using the black box model, we decided to test performance and see if it helped the athletes recover and perform well in the second Fran.

We did back to back Frans with approximatly 3:00 rest in between the Frans. (Fran is Thruster/Pull Up Couplet 21, 15, 9) Prescribed execution is #95 thruster for men, #65 for women. Pull up is with body weight. Due to equipment and performance constraints, we scaled it down to accomodate our athletes. We would like to have people who can do legitimate Frans test it and see what the results are.

So, we are calling this Evil Fran, Twin Frans or just plane "Where S@#! hits the Fran."

We look forward to more testing of the device. It is gets resuls, we will use it.

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