Saturday, March 04, 2006

From Kozian

Why Hyperfit USA?
By: Kozian

Bootcamp and Crossfit mean a lot to me. It is more than just a class or a way to maintain a good body in a bathing suit. It is a lifestyle.

Everyday I give my heart and soul to my job. With teaching, I am always striving to be like those English teachers that have been teaching for 30 years. Thus, I am never satisfied and rarely proud- always pushing. I spend night and day grading papers and making lesson plans. It’s often that I forget I have a 24 year old life of my own. That is, until I go to class. There I magically become Lisa again, and Ms. K disappears somewhere in the pull-up bars and d-balls. This is my time, and I don’t have any choice but to survive. Survive the workout. I have been doing Doug’s classes for years. Yet every time I come to class there is a new seemingly impossible challenge. No class will push you harder. No class will make you feel more accomplished or PROUD of who you are.

I almost didn’t make it, I almost puked, I almost gave in, but I never give up.
I did something for myself.
When will you?

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