Friday, March 03, 2006

March Class Update

Spring is coming and we are ramping up our classes and training in preparation for the summer season. We are adding more classes to our menu of services. We have some updates and milestones for Hyperfit USA.

We are adding CrossFit classes at 0600 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and 1000 on Saturday beginning the week of March 13th. The minimum requirement for taking the CrossFit class is participation in Boot Camp for two months or instructor’s permission. The class size is limited to 12 people. We have increase the number of participants since we have added a significant amount if equipment. If we have more than 12 people, we will split the class in two and run two sections.

Each CrossFit class has a warm-up, skill development section, a short intense workout and a warm down. The class length varies in length from 30 to 60 minutes based on content and the workout itself.

The CrossFit kid’s class will restart again in April and will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 1600 (4:00 PM). The kid’s class is similar to pre-season training for sports. We teach functional movement patterns that translate well into developing balance, coordination and some basic conditioning.

When the weather breaks we are going to add outdoor classes to our evening section of classes. Our thinking is to move the Monday evening class to the park and add a Wednesday class. If it rains on Monday, class will meet at One on One, if not, then class will be in the park. Please pass on any feedback you might have.

Hyperfit USA recently expanded its team of instructors to include Patricia Korican, Melissa Gerharter and Jennifer Cornell. New instructors Korican and Gerharter recently earned level one CrossFit certification and Cornell earned level two CrossFit certification. Our plan is to apprentice them as instructors and turn over some class to them.

February was another outstanding month for our classes. We had a record number of participants in Boot Camp 197. We gave a total number of workouts (893) in 36 classes. The average class size was our largest ever at 24.81 which is a slight increase over last month. All in all, we are very happy with our performance in February.

One on One had until the end of February to renew our contract to operate Boot Camp there. They did not renew our contract. Our contract expires on July 31st of this year. We are currently obligated to look for a new home. If you have suggestions where there would be a good fit for our classes, please let me know.

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