Sunday, February 05, 2006


Special Update for class: I will be in Santa Cruz Thursday through Sunday for additional instructor training. Rafe Juarez and Mike O’Brien will be handling the classes while I am gone. Please check in with Mike for attendance. Please don’t treat them like substitute teachers. J Maximize your training time by being locked on and ready to go.

Reminder: The evening class will be closing Monday, February 6th, 2006 for enrollment. We can handle 50 people in the evening class at a time. The last couple of classes have been high 40’s with some regular campers not there. If you have not signed up on line, click on this link or bring a check to class.

The 0600 and 0930 classes still have room available.

Sorry about the number of emails, but there has been a lot going and I want to keep you in the loop. If you have already signed up for classes, you don’t have to reconfirm or panic. You are good to go.

See you on Monday.

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