Thursday, February 09, 2006


We awoke in California to warm sunshine and blue skys. We spent our time helping set up for the seminar, learning some new training techniques and basically enjoying ourselves.

Some of the photos are in CF HQ. Imagine a 24oo square foot gym that is changing the fact of fitness. You may not recognize some of the equipment in the photos. A lot of people have never seen a d-ball or a thruster before and they are rushing to buy equipment and copy what we are doing. These same people are saying their workout is "CrossFit" like without doing their homework and being trained to do it. It is courting disaster.

CrossFit is all about effective training. We seek the most effective training and incorporate it into our training. We will post pictures of Roger Harrel, Mike Beurgener, Jeff Matrone, John Hackleman, Mike Rutherford, Eddie Lugo and many others. They are top in their fields. (Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebell Training, UFC Coach of the Iceman, Nationally know strenght and conditioning Coach, SEAL Instructor) These people produce the best athletes and results available. We come here to share, coach and learn so we can bring it back to our clients/customers.

Many people want the result without the effort it takes to earn it. It is the main reason that the fitness industry does not produce fitness. It produces gimmicks, fads, pills, diets, equipment to spare people the effort of actually training.

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