Sunday, November 20, 2005

Thoughts on the path to fitness

Some thoughts about fitness and progress:

The model A replaced the horse. The computer replaced the typewriter. Jet aircraft replaced the steam ship and train. Eventually, cold fusion will replace internal combustion engines. The rule of life is, progress or become extinct.

Crossing to the dark side:

Life provides experiences that force you to look at the assumptions you made. You realize you bought into a weak paradigm. There is no efficacy to it. In fitness, you realize it when you do your first real work out. At that point, there is a choice to be made: Hide from the moment of realization, or embrace it. Hiding requires making the excuse of “it’s too hard” or “that is not for me” or “I was too sore” or some other way to spare you real effort. You go back to the elliptical and continue with the illusion of fitness. This path has the most participation since it is the easiest.


You embrace it. You start to strip away the layers of the onion of limitations. With each layer, you take another step down the path of human growth. At the core you have no limitations left. You progress with each evolution to expand your capabilities. The path is rough and littered with the corpses of pretenders and quitters. One characteristic of this path is an honest assessment of your weaknesses and a plan and commitment to overcome them. Along the path of discovery, you find many more areas of weakness and treat them as opportunities to improve. To grow and evolve as a human being is the essence of life.

Some try to straddle the line between both. There is a saying: When you stand in the middle of the road, it is a good way to be hit by traffic in both directions. The middle path is always wrong.

The question is: Which is the dark path?

Why is the training that Hyperfit USA/CrossFit does superior to other training methods or classes?

We adopt the best practices of all sports, classes and fitness disciplines. It is simple, we will take the most effective training methods and incorporate them into our training.

A simple challenge: If you can find fitter people, then show them to us and we will train like them. Until then, you can train with us.

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