Monday, January 30, 2006


We broke 900 workouts this morning. We stand at 914 after the midmorning class. Active roster is 183 unique participants. There is an outside, very outside, we could slam dunk 1000. Unlikely, but there is the next hurtle. We are averaging 24.1 in class and will have clearer numbers on Tuesday night.

It has been an interesting an long month. We had no new people try the class until last week. It seems that the serious part of the resolutionary market is coming to us.

CrossFit it lagging a little behind due to the kids class. All the kids are now enrolled in their sport and are not able to make CF. We are going to cancel the kids class until the rug rats get done with their sports. Parents, send me an email when they are ready to come back.

Great job all.

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