Monday, January 30, 2006


Incorporating gymnastics rings helps people learn a control of their body that is unmatched in exercise.

Rings are inherently stable. There is no noise in the system other than what you bring with you. If the rings shake, it is you shaking them. Dips and push ups in the rings allows us to develop shoulder stabilization and core strength that cannot be duplicated in any other area. Try and L-Sit while holding yourself in the rings and you will understand. Now try hold the L-Sit and then do a dip. Any questions?

There are many different variations and way to scale the rings to adapt to anyone's ability. No one has seen gymnastics rings in commercial fitness centers before. It is widely held that rings are dangerous. Yes. If used incorrectly and with bad form, absolutely. The same goes for a treadmill, dumb bell and elliptical trainer. If you don't know how to use a piece of equipment, it can kill you. Imagine flying off a treadmill and breaking your neck in the equipment right behind it. If you are coached and taught how to use, scale and adapt the rings, they will become and invaluable piece of equipment.

The beauty is the rings we use are portable. They can hang from a branch, pipe, railing or any other solid bar that will support your weight.

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