Thursday, February 02, 2006


We entered our fourth year of operation in January. Every now and then, it is good to step back and assess when you were, are and where you are going.

Where we were: In January of 2005, the only day we were in the gym was Monday. On Tuesday and Thursdays we were in the aerobics studio. All we had for equipment was our body weight and a pull up bar. We shared the gym with noisy basketball players and were cramped the other two days in studio. We had 16 classes per month. (6 per week)

Where we are: The class schedule is such that we are only in the studio once per week. We have exclusive use of the gym area during our classes. We now have assistance bands, jump ropes, plyo boxes, d-balls, dynamax balls, gymnastics rings, dip station and many sets of dumb bells and Ab Mats. We are closing the evening class to new people on 2-6-06. We need to slow the growth of new people to insure quality and safety. Now we have 36-40 classes depending on the month. (9 per week)

Where we are going: We have 8 instructors in the training pipeline. The goal is not make everyone put up with my stale jokes and give some more variety in programming. What we do is so different in methodology to "normal" classes that it takes a long apprenticeship, a trip to California and a year of training to build an instructor. You can't go to a weekend seminar to do what we do. It takes a lot to build instructors that are worth paying more than a gym membership to take their class 3 times per week. We are planning on adding a lot more equipment in 2006. We are trying to put 20% of revenue into equipment. We are exploring classes for Tuesday and Thursday morning and Wednesday and Friday nights. I would like to see 15-20 class spots for classes this time next year. When our contract expires, we are going to eliminate the studio all together.

Boot Camp Class statistics:

Class Stats for January 2006



Number of Classes



Average Class Size



Average Number of Participants



Total Workouts



Boot Camp stats for the month of January:

  • We held 40 Boot Camp classes giving 986 total workouts.
  • We had a record of 192 total unique participants with 51 people trying the class for the first time.
  • The most amazing thing is we had very few new people until last week. The driver of the numbers was current Campers doing more working-out and getting more results.

CrossFit class stats for the month of January:

  • We held 68 classes giving 211 CrossFit workouts.
  • The total number of workouts shrank due to the kids class. All the kids are now doing their sports.
  • We cancelled the kids class until after season.
  • We may do the classes in shorter sessions as a prep to specific sports.
Net total workout 1197
Post predictions for 1-31-07

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