Wednesday, November 30, 2005


We broke 700 workouts for the first time this morning! We stand at 729 workouts for the month of November. The previous record was 613 last April. Here is the critical data:

Total Workouts: 729
Total Classes: 35
Average Attendance: 18.05 per class
Total Unique Participants: 145
Largest Class: 41
Smallest Class: 8
New people to class: 29
Year to date we have given 5862 Boot Camp workouts!

We will probably be closing the evening class to new enrollment in the second week of January. The morning and mid morning classes still have room for more participants. We will be adding a wait list for the evening class after we close the class to new enrollment. Just like when we outgrew Bally.

For December, we are holding 39 Boot Camp and 75 CrossFit classes this month. Total classes offered: 114 plus personal training. We will NOT be canceling any classes due to the holidays. The holidays are on weekends and will not interfere with our training. You will be able to get FULL BENEFIT the entire month so you can eat and drink what you want for the holidays. :) (Within reason)

Here is the schedule for the month:

OTHER STUFF: The web site has been updated. All the photos rotate each time your refresh the site. (I am a dork and think it’s pretty cool) Under “What’s New,” we have added video to the site. We are in the works of getting exercise clips so we don’t have to re-teach exercises and the people who copy what we do can do a better job of using our stuff. It is always bad when you get a copy of a copy; it is never quite as good as the original!

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