Sunday, November 27, 2005


We are fast closing in on the end of the year which will usher in a new group of resolutionaries and some changes in operating policy.

Pricing: The pricing will apply to ALL Boot Camp class participants.

One time per week: $40 (4 classes)
Twice per week: $70 (8 classes)
Unlimited Boot Camp: $90 (12 or more classes)
Drop in Rate: $12 (per class)

PayPal will be available after the first of the year. The pricing page on the web site will be updated soon to reflect the change. Prorated prices will still need to be paid via check. We needed to standardize pricing before we could implement the PayPal option for your convenience.

There are no more discounts for the class. The policy is intended to encourage people to participate in more classes and get better results. For all returning members, payment is due by the first class you attend. You may forfeit your slot in the class if your payment is late. Classes are offered on a first come first served basis.

Referral Program: Many people have been bringing their family and friends to class. When you bring a new person to class and they sign up, you will be given a free Boot Camp t-shirt with your name on it. It is my way of saying thanks.

Attendance: We want people who want results! People who come to class more often get more results. Simple! We anticipate closing the evening class to new participants some time after the first of the year. We are going to limit the number of regular people to 40. We have been closing in on that number in the Tuesday and Thursday classes. The 6:00 AM class has been averaging nearly 20 participants with the 9:30 class lagging a little with about 15 on average.

November participation totals as of 11/25/05:
Total workouts: 601
Participants: 137

We have six more classes this month and we fully expect to break the 700 workout mark this month. This is a record month for attendance. More people are coming more often and as a result, getting the results they want.

Blog: We added a web log to share pictures, your comments and observations about class. We are using it as a primary tool to keep you informed and up to date. Please bookmark it. The pictures are available for download and serves as way to let people know what we do. Here is the link: You can also access it from the site: which is also updated regularly with new information and pictures.

CrossFit Classes: CrossFit classes are starting to catch on and grow. CrossFit is shorter and more intense than Boot Camp. Each class has a warm-up and skill development portion in addition to the workout. It is truly ideal for the busy person who has less than an hour to get full benefit. Again, there is no typical class or format. CrossFit draws on the best practices from all sports, training regimens and methods. The only consistent element is that they work.

CrossFit Kids: Kids classes are Monday through Friday @ 4:00 PM. The focus is to teach universal movement patterns and develop skills that will help kids in all sports and activities. It is scaled to the ability each young person.

New Training and Classes: I will be traveling to Los Angeles in February to become instructor certified in Krav Maga. Krav Maga is a system of self-defense and fighting favored by law enforcement and military personnel. It is similar to CrossFit in that it draws only on successful self-defense techniques from any and all disciplines of martial arts. We anticipate having classes to teach people how to defend themselves. We will keep you posted as information becomes available.

Boot Camp T-Shirts: The new logo for the t-shirts should be done this week. I expect to have samples available this week.

Hyperfit USA/CrossFit Ann Arbor Challenge: If you can find people who are more fit, show them to us and we will train like them. Until then, you can train with us.

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